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We have made videos about Raincode's compilers & emulators. Watch them below! 



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Raincode's .NET Integration 


Discover the multiple benefits of the .NET integration of the Raincode Compilers!



 Raincode – Moving IT

 Raincode provides top-notch compilers, programming language analysis and legacy modernization tools.  






 Porting a DB2 Stored Procedure to SQL Server  

Specially written COBOL or PL/I programs can be deployed as stored procedure on a DB2 server instance, to be used transparently as any other function made available by SQL.




Meet the Raincode QIX, the CICS emulator!

 Raincode QIX is the CICS emulator for the .NET & Azure platforms. It completes perfectly the Raincode compilers, when CICS comes into the picture.



Raincode Compilers’ SQL Rewriting Facility






In action: The Raincode Stress Tester

See it in action! The Raincode Stress Tester, a powerful tool to support your stress testing efforts!










Quick Look at Raincode Visual Studio Plug-In  







Raincode Stack : The Repository


Raincode Stack is a mainframe rehosting solution to move your legacy code off the mainframe, and integrate it in a full .NET infrastructure.















Raincode Sort: The Sorting Component of the Stack

What is a Sort utility? What is it used for? How does it work?

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